Constitutional Amendments

Legal Materials The first step in researching the legislative history of an amendment to the NY state constitution is to find out when it was adopted and/or amended. This information is found in the annotated Constitution in McKinney’s Annotated Laws of New York (Book 2) and the New York […]

Pretrial Motions

Summary Judgment and Pretrial Motions to Dismiss: Contents Under this subject, the New York legal Encyclopedia discusses motions for summary judgment, including the actions and courts in which such motions may be made; the time when they must be made; obtaining summary judgment without […]

New York Public Library

The New York Public Library (NYPL) has one of the best collections in the U.S. Though the library is physically located throughout New York City, the library’s resources are accessible nationally through the combination of the Library’s Web site and an excellent document delivery and research […]

Civil Practice Act

The New York Civil Practice Act (CPA) was the predecessor to the Civil Practice Law and Rules (CPLR), which is now Book 7B of the Consolidated Laws of New York. Legal Materials The CPA was in effect from October 1, 1921 to 1962. The last volume of the CPLR inMcKinney’s Consolidated Laws […]

Central Park Jogger

Central Park Jogger in relation to Crime and Race Central Park Jogger is included in the Encyclopedia of Race and Crime (1), beginning with: Central Park jogger refers to a female rape victim who was attacked while jogging in New York’s Central Park in 1989. The particularly brutal nature of […]

Underpayment Interest Rates

New York Underpayment Interest Rates Individual Rates Year Qtr 1 1/01 – 3/31 Qtr 2 4/01 – 6/30 Qtr 3 7/01 – 9/30 Qtr 4 10/01 – 12/31 2014, 7.5%, %, %, %, 2013, 7.5%, 7.5%, 7.5%, 7.5%, 2012, 7.5%, 7.5%, 7.5%, 7.5%, 2011, 7.5%, 7.5%, 7.5%, […]

Harlem Race Riot

Harlem Race Riot of 1935 in relation to Crime and Race Harlem Race Riot of 1935 is included in the Encyclopedia of Race and Crime (1), beginning with: The Harlem Race Riot of 1935 was the culmination of racial tension and economic frustration that built in Harlem during the Great […]

New York

New York Content: New York CharterNew York OrdinancesNew York RegulationsNew York Municipal Code, which is a Primary Legal Authority of New YorkNew York Planning and ZoningNew York Municipal Law Municipal Law The U.S. legal system, together with federal and state law (new-york), is also […]