Estate Law

New York Estate Law New York Probate, Trusts, Wills & Estates Code & Related Laws New York Consolidated Laws: Estates, Powers & Trusts Contents See the following contents: GENERAL PROVISIONS SHORT TITLE; HOW CITED; REFERENCES; SEVERABILITY; APPLICATION DEFINITIONS […]

Legal Forms

New York Legal Forms The following is a list of New York Legal Forms available form several vendors. Accounts Receivable Adoption Advertising/Marketing Affidavits Agency Aircraft Alienation of Affections Annexation Annuity Annulment Apartments Appeal […]


Agencies and Offices Legal Materials Generally the best source for materials produced by New York State administrative agencies and offices is the New York State Library, as well as the other libraries that serve as depositories for New York State government documents. The State Library […]

Legal Research

New York Legal Research How to Effectively Perform Legal Research in New York This guide provides an overview into researching the law in New York as well as providing references to materials commonly used by practicing New York attorneys. Where possible, references have been made to print […]